9 week old with seizures?

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Nov 14, 2009
Boyers, Pa
I have a 9 week old BCM roo who was slightly smaller then his hatch mates. I moved them all out to the coop at 7 weeks (with heat) I had him outside with them rest and apparently they started picking on him. They were out there about a week when I noticed his tail feathers missing, I brought him inside. He was skittish the first few days in the house, but otherwise ok. Suddenly I noticed the left side of his neck was bloody. I cleaned it up and kept an eye on him. Over the next few days I noticed he was having these "fits" where he'd drop on his side, his wings would flap around and his left leg would spasm up toward his neck. His claws were cutting into his neck! I did clip the very ends of his claws on that foot. They bled briefly, but it was a whole lot less then the blood that had been coming from his neck after every fit!

His neck is almost completely healed now, however he still has these fits several times a day! If I pick him up during a fit as soon as it's over he falls asleep on me. Last night while I was laying in bed, I heard him have at least 3 fits within an hour. I just don't know what to do! Before I put them out at 7 weeks, they were close enough to my room that I would have heard if he had been having these fits.

Is it time to cull?

I have been reading the forums and one post said it could be something caught from mosquitos: we are frozen solid here right now...no bugs.
Moldy food: their food is changed daily, even the bowls are swapped out. Every other chicken has access to everything he does, he's the only one like this. They are still on chick starter, so nutrition should be good. Water dishes are cleaned every other day. I have no idea what could have caused it!

Any ideas?
I had one that started having seizures about a week after I moved them from the brooder to the basement (where it was colder). He continued to have seizures for a few weeks and I finally did put him down. I had never heard of such (a chicken having seizures) and I posted a question about it, but I didn't get much response. Perhaps it's very rare and folks haven't seen it often? In my mind, culling was the answer because if it was something genetic I didn't want him to pass it on to the chicks he might produce if he lived long enough to sire any. My seizure chick was a boy too.

Good luck with your decision.
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I added some electrolytes to his water last night, but I don't think he drank it. This morning he had a fit so violent he knocked his cage over! It's a 'altered' rubbermaid storage bin with the top cut off for poultry wire. (the square kind, I can't think of the name right now)

Currently he's just lying on his sidebreathing heavy. His comb is now pink instead of red.

I'm looking for a vet in the area. Everyone I've found so far only does pets or livestock. ugh

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