7 Years
Dec 12, 2012
Everyone, meet Milly. She and the others just turned a year old. Yesterday, my dad found her lying in the corner of the coop with her feathers fluffed out. When we got back from a family night at around 8 pm she was still there. She normally hates being picked up (and me lol), but leaned her head against my arm without a single complaint as I carried her inside. We did everything that we could to help her. We did the steam and heat lamp in a wire cage and a warm bath. We even gave her water from a spoon so she would drink it, and no egg yet. My parents won't allow me to take her to a vet, and they said that if anything goes wrong, we're just culling her. I made the mistake of treating the whole flock as my babies, so i just can't let her die. Please, is there anything I can do? If worse comes to worse, I think my neighbor is a vet and I can sneak Milly over. My mom won't mind. As an added note, we didn't feel anything on her belly or side, so maybe it's just that she got the you-know-what kicked out of her since we do have a problem with one of the hens who we may cull soon (heartbreaking for me also)
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