9th Annual BYC EHAL - Contest 10 - Farthest shipped Eggs


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Farthest shipped eggs Contest!

Prize: a book of stamps courtesy of @Peep_Show

For Farthest Shipped Egg

Folks with shipped eggs, your city/state and the egg shipper's city/state will be needed for the Farthest Shipped Egg Hatched contest. Eggs shipped for the 9th Annual BYC EHAL are eligible. (will allow eggs shipped February to March)

Post your entry into this thread

@merc is the winner with eggs shipped 2856 miles! Congratulations!
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How old do they have to be? I had eggs shipped from Florida to WA state, and have one gigantic chocolate Orpington to show for it. She will be a year old in July.

Do hatchery eggs count?
That is a long distance!
The contest is for the 9th EHAL time period so this February and March.
This Feb 23 I received 16 eggs from Meyer Hatchery in Polk, Ohio. I received them in Washougal, WA. Eleven hatched!:jumpy:clap
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Well, ten of them at least :D I mean the picture had 10 of them, there are still 11.
This hatch I purchased a mix of EE, OE, and SFH shipped to Athens, GA from Unidilla, NY which are progressing well, Seramas out of South James Port, NY that are also doing well and lastly some NN out of Hillsboro, TX that are unfortunately almost a total fail with 5/6 clear.

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