A Beginner with a sick chicken

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    Jan 23, 2012
    I have been keeping hens for about a month, today I have my first emergency. I found one of my Golden Comets on the coop floor this morning, unable to stand. I moved her out from the others (who are all still fine) She is lethargic, eyes closed, won't eat or stand. Her comb seems to have some white dry flakes on it. I tried to feel for an egg, in case she was egg bound, but I didn't feel anything. Any advice on saving her, and also protecting the others?
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    We might have a better chance of guessing the problem if you answer the questions here:


    But it's going to be a guess in any case. If they are much over a year old, probably the most likely problem is internal laying, which I'm afraid has no cure. Usually you see some swelling of the abdomen with this. It's not contagious. Most contagious diseases in chickens are respiratory, and you didn't mention any respiratory symptoms.

    If you start seeing any of the others acting odd, I'd first consider some sort of poisoning, perhaps a berry or plant, perhaps some feed that got moldy on you (or came from the feed store that way.)

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