A BIG THANKS to GRITSAR and a Few thoughts and shots of our Brahmas

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    We are now well into our third year with chickens and after several disappointments,trial and frustrations along with the laughter,hard work and just plain enjoyment of watching these silly birds we have found our favorite breed.

    I have to tip my hat to Gritsar and say a hearty Thank You to her for the many great posts and stories of the Brahma breed! In spring of 2011 we bought two Buff Brahma chicks(I'll admit I was a skeptic because they were "frilly feather-footed birds and we have rain and snow and mud!" but Eva wanted a couple of "pretty birds" in the flock) along with some other breeds we thought we wanted to try. Without getting into a long story I'll just say that after the first two years with several breeds we knew the Brahmas were "Our" chickens! They are the most docile(outside of the normal pecking order drama) of any chickens we've had. (Gritsar told it like it was!) The feathered feet have been no problem in the mud,snow,rain and muck here in Kentucky and the girls survived the hottest summer on record here also! We like them so well we ordered another12 plus a roo this spring.

    As for the hatcheries brochures stating the Brahma as a "fair" layer........we have now have 13 Brahma hens(the two older ones are just coming out of molt so are not back laying) and we are averaging three dozen eggs a week and still climbing. That seems better than fair to me coming from heritage chickens as opposed to production breeds.

    Anyway,we love the Buff Brahmas so well we will order more this spring,and maybe throw in a few of the Darks just for fun.


    Some of the girls out by the barn. We understand they are not show quality but that's not our goal anyway. We just enjoy our girls and the eggs they give us.
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    Well, congrats on finding the perfect breed!
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    2x Thank-you Gritsar! Tried 5 other breeds before getting 3 Buff Brahmas. Now 10 of our 24 chickens are Buff Brahmas. 3 1/2 years ago the plan was to have 4-6 hens for a few eggs, chicken math strikes again. Thank-you Grit for all the great stories!
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    I have had two Brahmas, both hatchery hens. Miranda, my Lt. Brahma, died a few months ago at the age of 5 1/2. She was laying up until three or four weeks prior to her death from what I am positive was cancer.

    Caroline, her Buff "sister", will hopefully make her 6th birthday next month. She was laying earlier this year, though hasn't since then, but she got through her last molt with flying colors and is kicking butt and taking names in my reestablished "Old Hens Coop", aka the Roosterless Zone. She is boss of any flock you put her into and is currently watching over her second in command, our almost 6 yr old BR hen, Amanda, who I believe doesn't have too much longer to live, with serious arthritis and possible cancer on top of that.

    I found the Brahmas to be friendly, but not a trip hazard, and much better layers than the chart told me they were. Caroline started laying late, around 30 weeks, but Miranda began at 19 weeks, way ahead of Brahma schedule. They are what I call "Salt of the Earth" hens. I want more in the future.

    Good choice! I'm glad you're enjoying your Brahmas.

    ETA: I find they have no trouble in either heat or cold--my Delawares suffer more in the heat than any of my other chickens. Not those Brahmas! They're all weather girls!
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