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Mar 20, 2009
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I am so excited to find this group! One place that has the answers to all my questions!
I am mom to 6 and wife to Clif, my best friend in the world. We have 2 dogs a brittany and a lab/shepard mix both dumb as dirt but we love 'um. Three cats, one that thinks she's a dog. One cockiteil and 10 fish.
We don't have our chickens yet, still working on clearing out the blasted blackberrys and the 50 feet of 6'chain link fence that they grew through!

I have a little experience with chickens. We had a little bantum couple some years back. But when she snuck off and had 14 chicks we knew they needed a bigger home then we had at that time.
So now we have plenty of room for some egg layers and meat birds.

I want to get all my questions answered and things planned out AND built BEFORE we get our first chick. (if I can wait that long!)

I am so excited about this site, from what I've read so far this is such a great bunch of chicken lovers who know their stuff!


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May 14, 2008
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Those chain link fences can work to keep chickens in and out.... and they would probably enjoy eating blackberrys!

Glad you found us.

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