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5 Years
Oct 4, 2014
I currently own a farm in North Wales. I've had it about a year now. I've always had chickens, ever since I was young. I now have a couple laying and breeding chickens. I currently do not have ducks due to no time. I also breed rare chickens. I always have Ayam Cemani's in stock. I sell the hatching eggs, chicks, hens and pairs. I only have pure ones and I do not either mix breeds or breed from related birds. I have 12 pens, all have 1 cock bird and 4 hens of Ayam Cemani's. I often let the birds sit on the eggs but I prefer incubating them then putting them in with a broody Ayam cemani. This way more hatch and it's almost natural. I used to have Burmese Bantams but I don't bother with them anymore as they need extra care.

I also have turkeys, peafowl, guinea fowl, and even ostriches.

I also have a field of dairy cows. I get loads of milk from these which I sell in my farm shop. I sell free range eggs(eggs from chickens, turkeys, osrich), I also sell meat, like chicken, beef, lamb and that kind of stuff.

This business is really profitable, however I am still paying back my mortgages, university funds and other things.

Hope you enjoyed it :):):)
Good morning and welcome to BYC! That's a really nice operation you have, I enjoyed reading about it. Nice to have you join!
Welcome to BYC! So glad you joined.

You have quite a variety of farm animals and poultry.

Thanks guys I even I have a pig which stays in my house, is small but doesn't smell ha ha

I cannot imagine a house pig
But folks in my area cannot imagine backyard chickens!

How do you deal with poops….? litter trained,? toilet trained? I'm pig ignorant. Not kidding, how do you house train a pig?

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