A bit of mold found in bedding

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Mar 1, 2018
Meeker, Colorado
I've had to put off cleaning the coop for a bit due to dangerously high winds (coop even blew over) and cold temps/snow. This morning upon inspection I found a small amount of mold in the bedding, probably where snow had blown in and melted. I immediately opened everything up and plan on cleaning it all out this afternoon. I don't see any mold on the structure itself. I know that I am to blame and it's not normal for me to wait this long to clean it. I realize that I screwed up and already feel terrible. All that being said, will it be sufficient for me to do a very thorough bedding clean up, replace, and air out or do I need to do some type of crazy, intense cleaning?
I occasionally get mold, can't help it especially during wet spring. I just replace the bedding. I use regular barn lime as a drying agent before putting down fresh bedding. Works well to dry things out. Replace as necessary.

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