A bit urgent: Duck has something caught in throat...


8 Years
Aug 16, 2011
My appleyard drake apparently has something caught in his throat (food or straw I think). He is breathing a little raspy, and has been trying to shake it loose and drink water... Is there anything I can do to help him, or is he just going to have to get it out himself?
I think I got it out. Getting him to sit still is the chore. First time I got a glimpse it looked like he had gotten a piece of melon rind wedged in the back of his throat. I went and grabbed some long neck tweezers and proceeded to try to get his bill open again with my fingers (he is kinda big and trying to get him into a wiggle free position on my lap was a wrestling match, but I think he understood I was trying to help.. Anyway, by the time I got his bill open there was no longer anything there.. I guess the struggle dislodged it.. He went back to drinking some water and was no longer opening his mouth and shaking his head... Once it looked like he was ok, I petted him and gave him his own special little bowl of treats he did not have to share... Apparently no trust issues were broken, since he came right back over and did not go pouting off.. I will check back on him in a little while (when the rain stops) and make sure he seems ok..
They are very forgiving aren't they? I had to save a big goose from three Dobermans a few days ago...this non flying big gander flew over the fence into the main yard...the dogs had him in a flash...I ran yelling and screaming without my shoes even, but they would not let go...I got to them and grabbed the goose by the neck lifting him out of the fray...his heart was beating a hundred miles an hour...he was wild eyed and gasping...I got him up right and smoothed his feathers talking to him the whole time and telling him he was just fine...and he was...I carried him around for a few minutes under the eyes of the dogs who sincerely hoped I would drop him so they could have a go at him again...once he calmed down and realized he had been rescued and not going to die he got very brave...he started snaking his neck around hissing at the dogs...he knew I would not allow them to hurt him...the other geese were all gathered around like rubber neckers at a train wreck...totally silent...like they were pre grieving the loss of the big guy...I carried the big guy back to the goose yard and turned him loose...oh my what a racket...the others all gathered around honking and chattering wanting to hear all about his mis adventure...he is fine and led the charge to the fence for afternoon treats as usual...bet he doesn't do that again...glad your ducky is okay...glad my big guy is okay too...yours needs to chew more and mine needs to keep his feet on the ground...

Well, I'm not sure it was the ducks fault. I had diced the rind fairly thin and they had not been having any problems with it, however, I guess either this piece was a little wider than the others or it just went down a little crooked.. They are spoiled and expect treats every time I walk on the porch.. They will even tug on my clothing or very gently nibble on my legs/arms begging for them... It is hard not to give them treats when the chaos from dropping a bowl of goodies is just so much fun to watch. Lately I have been hand feeding them their treats. There is only one duck left that is a bit skittish about coming to grab something. Still, I make sure each gets a share.
Yay! Glad you were able to get it out. It's actually pretty common--ducks will try anything they can fit in their mouths, and it's not always very good for them. Glad he's feeling better.
I had a little ducky rescue of mine own yesterday too! I was out changing pond water, refilling food and such and noticed my Drake wasn't acting like his usual self. So I sat down on a log and watched him for a few and realized it looked like he had something hanging out of his mouth...I finally got a good look at him and realized he had a soda can ring caught around his lower jaw! I swear, the things they manage to dig up out of the dirt!! So I had to traumatize the poor guy by chasing him down (he's my most skittish duck) and catch him to get it out of his mouth. It was looped around his lower jaw and tongue! Luckily it slid right off! He only had mild irritation on his tongue, no bad swelling or lacerations or anything, thank goodness! He even forgave me for the trauma of catching him by nibbling up lots of peas and corn that I had brought for them as treats! Then he promptly jumped in his nice clean, cool pool and splashed and preened to his heart's content! I could tell he felt better immediately!

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