A bone is sticking out of her!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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    I went out to put the ducks in their pool this morning and when I picked up Denice, my Pekin hen, I noticed something didn't feel right...
    I took a closer look at her lower chest/belly and was horrified! It appears that a bone is protruding from her skin, like there's a hole in her chest! I really don't know what to do! If anyone can help I would REALLY appreciate it...Here are some pics......


  2. Emzyyy

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    Jul 14, 2008
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    Its not a very good pic kinda fuzzy, but Im sorry I have no idea what to do or what happened.
  3. olp_63

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    I know, but it's the best I have right now
  4. ticks

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    Is there any bleeding?!
  5. How does she act and is this right at the top of her chest or is this a lot lower?
  6. It's probably just a tear in the skin over the breast bone. Chickens and ducks breastbone is right under the skin.

    I would clean it up with warm water and if there is a hole in it, squirt some water that has betadine mixed in (tea colored) until it is clean. Then put some neosporine ointment all over it.

    It would be best if a vet could put a few sutures in it to cover the bone...if that's possible. Otherwise it will have to "granulate in". One thing that I like a lot is Granulex V. It is a spray that helps to keep wounds clean and moist and they heal much faster.
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    Quote:I cleaned it with warm water, but where could I purchase that Granulex???
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    Quote:She's acting perfectly normal, that's what makes me think it's been there a while. I can't believe I never noticed it before....
  9. olp_63

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    Quote:No bleeding at all
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    Oh wow! :eek: I know that is scary. I am new and so have very little advice to give so far, but I bet lots of others will jump in and help.

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