A boody egg in the nest! Ok?

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    Dec 31, 2014
    HI, I"m "John Henry Jr" named after my Rooster!

    It's my first time raising these delightful birds. They're a Hoot to watch! But to the point; I get about four eggs a day from four hens so hearing from others, I consider myself (and them) very blessed. Today, as I fed them and gathered the eggs I noticed one medium brown egg with one third portion, blood. Today is the first time I've seen this and I'm very concerned.

    I searched, "bloody egg" and noticed that the last posting on that topic was back in '07. Eight years ago! Not that the information isn't relevant now, but I'd like some fresh information. My wife was brought up on a dairy farm, and suggested that the rooster has only four hens, so he may be "rough" on these four ladies. She is likely right, and certainly more educated on the subject than myself, but I just want to be as informed as I can. The water that they drink has quite a bit of iron content, and perhaps I'd better start giving them the water that has been softened, I don't know. We buy black oil sunflower seeds for the bird feeder and I'll introduce some into their diet, for the "lube" effect. And I may cut down on their cracked corn consumption. I've been serving laying pellets and cracked corn 50/50 ratio. I need to know what feeds are best for them, how much of each, etc. for their benefit.

    If the rooster's needs aren't being met with four hens I'll get more, but I'm more concerned with their well being than with the roosters sexual needs! I may separate him from the others, as it's been suggested, and give him conjugal visits periodically if that's what it takes. (Why a rooster at all?)

    We recently put pine straw in the 16X16 foot square pen, so could that be causing some problem? Much rain makes the pen muddy and I thought the pine straw might help and it seems to, but I'm not sure of the impact that it may be having on them. I always let them roam free for several hours a day, but there are predators around, ie. fox and chicken hawks (lost three chickens in eight months!.... The first time, I believe, was a fox that killed a rooster and one hen,... a hole dug under the coop. Second time, a rooster was dead with a broken neck, feathers everywhere, no blood, just a dead rooster! Figure!)

    Any ideas will be appreciated, thank you. Happy, Prosperous, Healthy and Blessed New Year to everyone, INCLUDING the chickens!! :)
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    A slightly blood coated egg from a new layer is rather common, not to worry. Your hens should be fed layer feed--there is no need for scratch or cracked corn. If you do use it as a treat as with the sunflower seeds, don't let it be over 10% of the diet. The layer feed is balanced, and you can also place some crushed oyster shell in a separate container for the hens to take if they need more calcium. Include some poultry grit on the side also to help digest grass and food.

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