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Aug 8, 2007
Ever since yesterday my hen has been setting behind my dog igloo. I'm pretty sure she is a black sex link so I didn't think this would happen. At first I didn't think she was serious, but I went to check on her and shes in the same place she was yesterday morning.. last night I gave her an egg she had laid a few days ago from the fridge. This morning I lifted her up and I'm pretty sure on the fact that I only saw one egg... she had stripped a lot of feathers off her underside, and it was really warm. So I'm starting to think she really is serious, but ONE egg! will she lay more ? or do I have to give her more? I do have two other hens that will lay an egg today I can give her those, I also have A LOT of fertile eggs in the fridge, but they have been there for a while and I don't want to risk giving her some that may rot, so what would be the best?

thanks! haha sorry for basicly writing an essay, the chance of having more chicks gets me excited!
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She nows has a total of two eggs! I just gave her a egg that my production red just laid.

So now I'm just hoping that my other production red lays her egg....



should I just go ahead and add the eggs that have been in my fridge for a good two weeks, and chance it?

my other hen still hasn't laid her egg...
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woo hoo I have one too,
A broody sitting in the corner of the coop a beautiful Red cochin
she began with 1 egg which I took away but now after 12 maybe 15 days she has 7 eggs and Iam letting her do her thing.
but eggs from the frig.. humm not sure they will hatch as to the temp. change. good luck,
yeah I not sure if they will or will not.... but I added a few, I marked them though so that I"ll know =]

I'm soooo excited. =]
Okay I tink I'm going to turn this into a journal of my broody and i'll keep updating here. =]

Okay so i just candled all seven of her eggs, they are all developing. =]

yay fridge eggs do work!
Yes, people have hatched refrigerated eggs. The fresher the better, of course. Ideal is collect them for a week or so at room temp. Sounds like you got away with it.

My broody is due Friday. Good luck!

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