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Discussion in 'Quail' started by mhwc56, Jan 5, 2011.

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    my CBBQ are 2 weeks old and they have been dustbathing in their food lately so i put a sandbox in there for them . They aren't bathing in it at all, just eating it like it's the best food in the world! WHY are they doing this ? I have taken it back out b/c i'm afraid it will harm them somehow.
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    The sand is the same color, well almost the same color and consistency of the feed (if you are blending the feed), so they probably think you are giving them more feed [​IMG] I would try oyster shell dust or blended oyster shell and put it in in replace of the sand so if they eat it, it's better for them. The sand for buttons can harm their eyes as the sand particles get in there...I have had customers that lost their buttons due to eye infections and other bacteria contamination due to sand. Sand is easier with coturnix, that's all I can say. Just my opinion [​IMG]
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    Quote:thanks QL, makes sense.
    i was afraid they'd fill up with sand and end up starving to death if i left it in there. i will give them o.shell instead if that wont harm them...or else i'll just let them continue to bathe in their food ....i see where the term"birdbrain" comes from sometimes!
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    It's natural for them to want to eat sand. It's like gravel for them, it helps them break down food in their gizzards. If the sand is clean and dry you shouldn't have to worry about eye infections. Bacteria only live in wet sand.
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    Quote:yah but they were running to the sand when it was eating time and not touching their food ....like i said ..."birdbrains" lol

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