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Jun 24, 2010
» WingClan, a chicken clan ЯР 'Fly with the breeze'

Credit goes to Crista of the Warrior Cats forums for the banner.

» R U L E S
- Common sense. ALL BYC guidelines and rules apply - Use your head, and if you must, your eyes as well.
- Respect.
- Inactivity. Please participate, and have fun at it too. Chickens inactive for a period of more than a week will be deleted, unless a valid reason shows otherwise.*
- Practicality. Be realistic. A chicken cannot run into a Bunch of Cats an come out unhurt. An apprentice cannot have a mate, a chick cannot defeat a senior warrior and a chicken cannot magically come back to life.
- Medicine chickens may have a mate, but no chicks.
- Please do not spam or advertise unless you are given the privilege to.
- Please do not join and then never come back again. It's disheartening and quite difficult to manage.

»N E W S & A N N O U N C E M E N T S
- Recent events -

» M A T E S & C R U S H E S

- QuickClaw fancies StarryNight.

» S E A S O N
Leafless (Winter)

» T E R R I T O R Y
Tranquil sunlight dapples the ground, poking gentle fingers through whispering leaves. It warms you up , creeping up your feathers, swirling around you. The forest is alive with song, making its way into your heart, echoing within. Twisted shadows dance, lurking in the trees, flickering in the corner of your eyes. You choose to ignore them, for doubt turns away from the path of victory. You concentrate on the soft, pale green grass pressing coolly into your feet. You concentrate on following a tiny gurgling river, winding its way through the trees. You are walking. Walking with no thought, yet walking with no doubt. You have been walking for an eternity; time did not exist. Your feet are sore from all those days. Yet your mind guides you down that invisible path, and you know, just know that you are getting closer. Around a small rose bush you turn. Through half-closed eyes, you jerk your head up, defying the will to sleep. And you stop. A chirp escapes you, resonating through your body, warming you up. Ahead, it’s beautiful. The land has opened up. Trees space themselves out and give way to wet, pebble-coated land, shimmering in the light. The river snakes up into a small waterfall. The land is covered with grass and plants...

The river - A tiny, shallow river teeming with life. Silver fish lurk in its shallow depths, as well as water voles, otters, crabs and other sea creatures. Moss and useful herbs grow in its depths and around it.

The Gnarled Willow - An old willow growing beside the river, useful for training purposes. Often water voles will reside near its roots.

The Tangled field - A field growing wild with weeds, wildflowers and tall stalks of grass. Many herbs are found here. Plump mice also reside, however snakes may lurk.

Whispering falls- Full of life and song, the waterfall shrouds the entrance to AriaClan camp. It is not loud, instead calm and ringing, weaving down the cliff. On stormy days it is known to roar with strange intensity.

The entrance - A small cleft behind the waterfall forms the entrance to the camp. Roughly the size of a cat, it is well hidden; only sharp eyes and those accustomed are able to find it. It continues as a narrow, winding path carved up the cliff, emerging near the entrance of the medicine den.

The Spring - A pool of fresh, cold water dwells in the center of the camp. It is the main source of drinking water . It tends to flood when a storm occurs, causing the land around to become muddy with water.

Dreaming Oak - A massive hollow tree, wide but not tall, forming the sleeping niche of apprentices, warriors and elders. Apprentices (closer to the ground) and warriors (higher up) sleep on nests in the forks of its large branches, shielded from the rain by its thick leaves which grow everlastingly. The elders sleep in the warm hollow of the oak, shielded by an entrance of ferns.

The food den - A large and sturdy den constructed of weeds, twigs, and mud. Inside is fresh food for all to share, which is replenished daily by the clan members.

Medicine Den - Formed from three great trees. Over many moons, the trees have intertwined with each other to form a sturdy, sheltered canopy and hollow. Shelves in the bark are used for storage, and other herbs may be grown at the roots snaking inside the den. The base is made up of soft moss, leaves and petals, and is cushiony and warm.

Nursery - Made of woven brambles, the nursery is always pleasantly warm and sheltered. Repairs must be made once a moon. [/b](Under construction!!)

Leader's rock - A huge rock jutting from the ground, enveloped in soft moss, sitting close to the spring. This is where the leader makes clan announcements.

The Underground Stream - Small yet spirited, an underground stream shapes the source of the waterfall and the spring. It is unknown to the clan cats, though a slight rumbling of moving water can be heard drifting in the distance.

A Silver eyed Phoenix hen calmly walks up to you, and briefly bows her head to greet you. "Welcome, to WingClan. I am Moonstar, the leader of WingClan. Please join us, we will honor you for your loyalty, strength, and faith."

-Joining forms-

BYC Username:

NOTE: These names are in warrior format. No, "Sunshine", Sunshineflower is how it goes. If you are a warrior you do Owlflight, Leaffern, etc., for example. Apprentices' names end in 'paw', and chicks' names end in chick until they reach maturity (6 weeks of age), and the leader will anounce their new warrior names.


Moonstar- A Silver penciled black Phoenix with a moon-shaped scar above her right eye. Newly elected leader of the Wing clan, she is fiercely loyal to her clan and clan mates. (Gerbil)


Co deputies, Eaglewing and Brightflight

Medicine Chicken:

Windtear- A tall ebony hen with a white blaze on her right wing, hazel eyes, and slate colored feet. Mostly caring and random though enjoys playing around with herbal healing medicine, she is a great flyer. Windtear was born a small chick in a clan not far away. One day a big storm came she had lost her mother and sibilings thus being on higher ground she survived a great flood. She learnt how to heal her self with herbs and plants. Finding WC, she decided to join for she knew her place, a medicine chicken.


Kernalcorn- A 2 1/2 year old large White Leghorn Cock with 2in long spurs. A cunning and wise rooster and will fight for the ones he loves and cares for. Has a soft spot for chicks and is a flirt sometimes with the ladies. He Can fend for himself and is a good fighter. He Was attacked by a bobcat which broke his middle toe on his left foot when he was a few months old, giving him the nickname Ol' Crooktoe. He Was taken away from his flock at around 4 moons old and has been alone ever since until about 2 months ago. (Attack chicken)

TysonToe- A whitish, brownish, and blackish tiny Serama Cock that holds his tail up high, and a charming little rooster who loves to help out. Can fly long distances and has very good eyesight. He was taken by a raccoon when he was just a little chick and rescued by Kernal and taken under his wing.
(Attack Chicken)

Magnoliabloom : A very sweet ______________________ Mottled Cochin hen. She's Very good at catching flying things to eat (Bees, flies, wasps, etc.) And really good at being a mother
Magnoliabloom, in the process of raising her first clutch of chicks, encountered a Red Tailed Hawk. She was almost killed but OwlStar saved her moments before the Hawk went for the kill. She has been deathly afraid of hawks ever since. She loves chicks, and is a fairly nice broody. (Louieandthecrew )

BrightFlight- A kind, wise, and adventurous Rose Comb Brown Leghorn Roo. He has several odd golden streaks on his neck.He Is a good fighter, knows a little about medicine, and can survive by himself if needed.He Is also Redsatinsky’s long lost brother. (crazyaboutchickens) Apprentice=Icepaw

LeonIva -Pure black exept for a brilliant white diamond right in the middle of his forehead, when the sunlight hits him it looks like he's wearing armor. He Appears to be vicious but is truely sweet. Will defend anyone, and anything. He can protect and destroy just about anything. Has very keen vision and hearing. LeonIva Was found wandering through the woods. Used to be owned by Two-legs. He also remembers a stump and ax to which the Two-legs refered to as the 'chopping block'. Saw many close friends and relatives murdered on it. Escaped by luck as the stump was greatly dented from the swing of the ax and slippery from fresh blood. When it was his time, he slid off and ran. Got his name from his birthday and mother. He is a Leo, and his mothers name was Iva.(duckluv)

StarryNight- A generous, quiet, joyful, overprotective Silver-laced wyandotte/true Ameraucana cross. Silver laced pattern of a Wyandotte, but the more petite build of the Ameraucana. She also has the beard, and is a large fowl. Broody. She has Great mothering skills, and powerful hearing capabilities. She was born and raised in the forest. She has had multiple experiences and some confrontations with foxes and raccoons, but nothing really exciting. (BirdNut)

Ellabell- A Young pullet, with beautiful patterns, small and agile. She is an Egyptian Fayoumi (Gerbil)

ShadowHeart- Jet black Australorp rooster. Father of Magnoliabloom’s first clutch of chicks. He’s brave, fearless, and protective over his hens but also very sweet to his hens. He can fly for an abnormal amount of time. (Louieandthecrew)

EagleWing- Black LF Minorca Roo with highlights reminiscent of jewels. His long spurs and claws, paired with his large size make him appear very intimidating. He’s Rather stoic, quiet. Incredible flight, very much unlike that of most chickens. Capable of gliding in the air for long periods of time, like an eagle (hence the name). He was bought with the intention of being a hen, but grew up to be a rooster. Roosters were not allowed in the neighborhood he lived in, so his owners sold him to who they believed to be a good home. Even with good intentions, this was not a good home. They cared for their birds very poorly. He escaped with some other birds, who moved away and are now living their own lives. He now resides in the forest. (BirdNut)

Redsatinsky- a fully feathered Rose comb Brown Leghorn Hen. She is a good worker and Agile and a good forager. (Crazyaboutchickens)

Iceberry- A brave hen with a very strong protective instinct to protect her Clan and its members. Black Tailed White Japanese bantam pullet. She is Black and white and able to fly really high! Her mother was killed on the nest and she was raised by her father.(ChickieBooBoo)

OwlMint- An Ameraucana with dark Patches of Grey, with white and a greenish tint everywhere. He is Sweet, Loving, Energetic, and awesome at jumping and climbing. He is a very good flier that was attacked by a cat as a chick, injuring his wing, but now it's better, and The cat must of helped his wing as it is stronger than most other chickens. (44Wolves)

Nightshade- A deep red RIR with black and white specks on tail, and feathered feet. Black mark on left wing (scorched in a forest fire several moons ago) Generally easygoing, funny, and fun to be around, but has a fiery temper if you get on her bad side. Loves crickets!! Quick, small, and lean, making her a good flier and a fast runner. Mother, Swiftflame, died to cats during Nightshade's infancy. Father is alive and well, though his location is unknown, as he ran off after the mother's death. Nightshade was able to escape the cats with father (he flew away with her in his beak). She inherited his excellent flying skills from him. Nightshade recently hatched cricketchick. The father of cricketchick is a loner, and has not been seen since his hatch. (ms.cluckling)

RiverSwimmer- A lavender Ameraucana, who is spazzy and a tad crazy, he can swim in rivers and bodies of water. (Melovefrench)

WaterLily- A female Trumpeter swan, fluffy and pure snowy white except for her ebony black beak and legs, with inquisitive chocolate-brown eyes. Her legs are quite stout. Caring, cheerful, optimistic and sometimes rather loud. She can't run very quickly, nor can she fly very well. Her advantage in battle would be her size, because, in comparison to a chicken, she is very large. She was born and raised on a farm, where she lazily floated about the pond. Her peace was disrupted one day when a starving, and very bold trio of Owls dove down and tried to get her. She clumsily lumbered out of the pond, flew as far as she could from the area, and unknowingly stumbled into WingClan. Prince seems to have taken a liking to her. (BirdNut)

Rosebud- A hen with VERY shiny black feathers, large red comb, very attractive, amber eyes, just a little bigger than a bantam. She is 
happy, energetic., 
fast runner and a good flyer. Is looking for a mate (


Kelliipaw(EE Lover:)- A small EE hen, looks like chipmunk with a strange mark on her head and is VERY Energetic.

Deltapaw- A green speckled RIR hen, insecure, but nice when she trusts someone. She can fly well. She moved around different places before she got here. (Chookies_rocks)

None yet.

MoonChick- a Practically invisible, brown/black/red/ and white Mutt Hen. She's Typically quiet, but when she wants something (which isn't that often) she sounds like a siren.She also catches mostly her own food and put what she don't eat in the food pile.While she was pecking her way out of her egg, a meteor fell not far away and shook the shell open.(Hence the name.)Believe to be magical by some.(duckluv)

Coalchick- A coal-colored Cockerel. He is the largest of his brood. (Louieandthecrew)

Stormchick- A funny, sweet gray Cockerel. (Louieandthecrew)

Spritechick- A light minty green and yellow Pullet with long legs. (Louieandthecrew)

Cloudchick- A pale gray Cockerel with darker gray tail and head feathers. (Louieandthecrew)

Mistchick- A misty blue-gray Pullet. Odd yellow legs. (Louieandthecrew)

Acornchick- A dark brown Cockerel with white tail feathers. (Louieandthecrew)

Winniechick- An orange-yellow fluffy Pullet. She is the "Runt of the litter", and almost was a dud. (Louieandthecrew)

Ravenchick- Dark green and large for his age - already taller than his mum, Raven is a warm-hearted, cheery little RIR roo who likes to make those around him happy. He's very caring and others find him friendly and open to talk to. He is very humane and has a big heart, but likes to joke around while he's at it. However, underneath his optimistic attitude to life, Raven has a serious side which means he preserves and gets the job done, no matter what it takes. He is Delta's son, the father is a mysterious 'friend' Delta has been disappearing to see. He likes to fly, and feels at home in the sky. When he was little, his favorite past time used to be catching whirlwinds from adult chickens' wings. (Chookies_Rox)

Gorsechick- Gray with some iridescent green speckles, nice and loyal, but he has great temper when let out.

Moosechick: A little roo with dark, creamy brown body with a brown head, with cream frizzles at the top of his head, which look like antlers. His tail is black. He is secretive but open to friends, joyful, loving, and loyal. He is good at swimming, something most chickens can't do. He was found in the middle of a moose herd by his "brother" who "adopted him" who was OwlMint. (44Wolves)

Cricketchick: Can jump very high, jumps over other chicks as a pastime smile. A happy-go-lucky 5 wk old. Father (a silver pheonix loner) left on day 1. Mother, Nightshade, is very much alive. (Mrs. Clucking)

Hazelchick: A Old English game bantam roo with a chipmunk pattern, brown mask, gray legs. His chest is chestnut brown with cream, while his wings and tail are coffee-colored. Being an OEGB, he is much smaller than the other chicks. Shy at first, but makes friends easily and is a bright, lively little chick. Hazelchick has big dreams, and he's not afraid to hope. Was hatched with wrens. How his egg got in their nest, no one knows.(Dutchgirl)

Snowchick-(Original name, Bella) A porcelain colored pullet chick, (pic in avatar) Curious, sometimes can waste other chickens' time. Can swim, can sneak into another clan's camp without being noticed (usually not being noticed!) Lived on a farm as a chick named Bella but, her parents and relatives were killed by a fox and she was the only one left. She ran to Wingclan. Needs to be mothered by another hen. (gurooh)

None yet.

Rogues and Loners:

QuickClaw- Loner, soon to be a warrior. A very vibrantly colored rooster; having bright orangish barred hackle and saddle feathers. His primaries carry that same pattern, while the rest of his body has mostly black and white barring. He only has one wing and is rather lanky and thin, for a Brahma. He is adventurous, brave, daring, funny and independent. He can run at incredible speeds, and is very strong. He just didn't like the rather solemn life he had at the farm, so he left for the forest to explore and make himself a new life. He lost his wing in a nighttime raccoon attack, when he couldn't see well enough to fight back. His owners were forced to amputate it. This does not seem to bother him at all, and he adapted well. (BirdNut)

BurningSpark- A Rhode island red hen with shining scarlet feathers, deep brown eyes, a small cherry comb, smudged beak, and long orange legs. Shy, and not very social but cheerful. Good at hiding, a fast runner and pretty good with flying. Her coop burned down in a forest fire when she was just a chick, she was taken in by a family of wild turkeys until she found WingClan. ( PoultryGirl)

SpinningTalon- A hybrid roo with gleaming black feathers, long and sharp spurs, large in size. He barely ever shows any outward emotions. He can make a deadly attack with his spurs and run quickly. He used to live in a coop but hated the soft life and escaped at a very young age, living by himself. Doesn't really think of himself as a part of the clan.(PoultryGirl)

Started on 7/2/2010

*If you have returned, after being absent for several weeks without notice, and your character is gone and your position is filled, you may request the return of your character.
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I'll apply

Name: Onibla
Gender: Male
Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Onibla is a medium sized pure black rooster, with pitch black eyes, grey feet, and a dull colored comb. His sharp beak is partially cracked, but intact. His spurs are an inch and a 1/2 long. He appears to be long and thing, although a good size.
Personality: Shrouded in mystery, Onibla is relatively serious and enjoys alone time. He is sometimes known to disappear for several days at a time, and appear again like nothing happened. Although not exactlly social, Onibla will defend his flock mates with his life, but sometimes his over confidence leads him into trouble. He uses flight to get around, although he can sprint just fine. His fighting skills are unique, and he uses flight to attack from above once perched on higher objects. He is constantly watching for signs of trouble with his keen vision and hearing. He rarely crows, but when he does it's a very loud and high pitched sound. In his spare time, he practices his flying and fighting skills.
Abilities: Although he appears large, Onibla is much lighter and streamline than the average rooster and has partially mastered the ability of flight. He is able to sustain flight for minutes at a time, although he can't get very high.
History: Though Onibla does not talk about his history, he is said to have been adopted by a hawk who carried him off as a chick. Most believe his strange parent is where he learned his fighting and flying skills.
Other: Another reason to believe Onibla was raised by a hawk, is his particular taste for small mammals like mice and rats or rabbits. Although most would eat one given the chance, Onibla hunts for them specifically. When mammals are scarce, he returns to the food pile or forages for regular chicken food.
BYC Username: Pet Duck Boy
Breed(Optional): Unknown. He has a rare genetic mutation which causes him to appear almost entirely black.
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Here's my Delta thing... I'll find it, it was on page 308 of the old one, I think.

Name: Delta
Gender: hen
Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: green and speckled!!
Personality: insecure, but nice when she trusts someone
Abilities: can fly well
History: moved around different places before she got here
BYC Username: chookies rox
Breed(Optional): RIR

Delta fell squawking out of her tree, hanging on by a foot.
'Good morning' she chuckled.
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