A Chicken Poem


Jun 2, 2021
Southwestern Pennsylvania
Back in January, we decided to take the plunge and finally start our chicken journey. While researching, for some reason, this popped into my head. I guess it’s not necessarily a poem, but a rewritten song to the tune of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.” (And it was after a LONG day at work, so it kinda took a turn at the end, lol!) Let me know what you think!

I can’t wait to get our chickens
We’ll raise them for eggs
They will be so cute and tiny
Little puffy balls with legs.

We don’t want no rotten roosters.
They make lots of noise!
We only want the girl birds,
Certainly not no boys!

Now we gotta wait
Til it warms a bit
And we still wait mor-or-ore

Finally we bring home the baby peeps
And we get to watch them grow-ow-ow
As they grow up and get bigger,
We hear one of them starting to crow!

Rrrr rrrrrr rrrrr rrrrr rrrrr rrrrr
And a cock a doodle do do do do do
Rrrr rrrrrr rrrrr rrrrr rrrrr rrrrr
It’s a boy! Oh no! What to do?

We put everybody outside
They loved their new space
Well, everybody but one
He was full of hate

He would chase us down and peck us
Act like a rude winner
He seemed to want to kill us
We brought him here for dinner.

Won’t you come right in?
We’ve got just the place for you!
Right here where it’s war-ar-arm
Go ahead and rest
Lay your head right down
We’ll be eating soon!

Soon the oven timer, it goes off
Time to eat! Dinner is do-o-o-one
Roast Rooster it is for dinner
Our homegrown, very first one!

(and as a side note, I’m about 98% sure we do NOT have roosters, lol!)

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