A chicken tractor as a "day area" for chickens??????

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  1. Hello!
    My chickens are no longer free ranging due to neighbor issues. They have been in their coop and run (which is adequate to their #'s) all winter. My husband considered building a really tall fence between our property and the neighbors but the cost is just out of this world..

    I hit upon the idea of a chicken tractor as a day area for the 3 hens we have now.. Something that they can be put into and moved around the yard to get all the wonderful aspects of getting out of their coop.. eating grass and bugs.. but also as a way of keeping them contained and not making my neighbor mad..

    I saw this idea and it looks do-able for not too much $ (which is important)

    I've also seen more triangular ones.. but no instructions on how to make them..

    Can someone point me to directions.. suggest good designs.. if you have made one that you move, how did you do it? What are the pros and cons of the design you used? Was it expensive?

    Also, do I chicken wire the bottom too.. in case it gets tipped or knocked over by a wandering dog?? or do I stake it down?


  2. I would think it would be heavy enough that you do not need to stake it our put wire on the bottom. The only think I would add is something across each corner to make it more stable. Braces. Something (2x4) 1 foot from each corner to the adjacent corner. Top and bottom.

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