A choice between two chickens...


9 Years
Jun 5, 2010
Jeremiah, Ky.
I'm getting ready to do a scholarship for my 4-H poultry club and I'm deciding between 2 breeds.
These chickens are going to be shown, and not put with my home flock, if that makes a difference.
The two breeds I've narrowed it down to are Buff Brahma Bantams and Bearded d'Anvers Bantams (not sure what variety yet
Which breed should I show?? I CAN'T DECIDE!!!

So, I would like to hear from the world of BYC... Anyone who's had experience with these breeds? Shown them? Raised them? Etc.
Is there a breeder of either breed who lives close to you? A mentor and a close source of good quality birds might make the difference in which breed to select.
I've talked to several 4-hers that like their d'Anvers. I think the Brahmas would be harder to groom and keep show ready. Just something to think about, but I agree with the previous poster - better to find good stock of several breeds then decide on one based off of what those breeders can tell you as far as advice on showing/keeping their birds.
try looking at the breed's clubs that you are interested in, and seeing if they have any kind of message board to ask on or breeder's list. Have you posted on the breed threads here on BYC? Are there any APA shows near you that you could go to? You may find a mentor a few hundred miles away, but thankfully a phone call knows no limits, and if you two click and they have a lot to teach you it will be a great thing
Going to a show should help you get contact info for someone that might have some birds for you. Many breeders will meet you at the next show with a nice trio if they have them.

Best of luck!

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