A cluttered run

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Many people ask for help integrating new chickens. I thought I would show you what works for me.
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good Lord, this is why I can't post pictures, I am sorry for the repeated pictures.

Behind the plywood is a feed bowl that really cannot be seen from most of the rest of the run.
I have the pallet leaned to the east as it is giving shade in the late afternoon.

If you notice the black plastic box, it is used for wind shelter, and there is a feed bowl in front of it, but there is also one behind it, under that old piece of tin. So I have 3 feed stations all out of the sight mostly of any bird at another station.

The old saddle rack and saw horse and the branch in the corner allow my birds to perch in the late afternoon sun. It gives them another way to get away from each other.

Now I realize that many of you live where that much old junk would not be tolerated by the neighbors, but I wanted to give you ideas what maybe you could add to make the run more interesting and safer to your chickens.

This summer I got a single bird, at 10 weeks of age integrated into the flock. She is still a bit of an outcast, but she is working in more and more each day. I won't say she never gets a bit of a chase or a peck, but she can escape and get away.

Hope this perhaps give you some ideas.

Mrs K
Your set-up is really clever (and probably works very well), but not everyone has that much space to be able to put an entire obstacle course in their run. I think space is the problem for a lot of us city folks with backyard chickens. Any integration works with enough space, but for people with limited space, integration has to be done a certain way (the look but don't touch method).
Yes, I agree, what works for one person, may not work for others. It is just advice I often give, but am not sure if I am making myself clear.

I do think more of an obstacle course does make it more interesting to chickens even in a small run.

True! I wasn't trying to snark on your post or anything. I just mentioned the space thing for those folks with small runs. But for folks with large runs, it's a cool idea, as long as everything is secure and there's no risk of pallets falling on anychick! ;)

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