A Cockerel....to Keep or Not to Keep?


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Jun 26, 2014
Upstate, NY
I just discovered that one of my 5 week old chicks is a cockerel. I have only had egg layers and am not sure whether or not to get rid of my "lil rooster. He is currently kept in a smaller coop with 3 pullets. I have 2 adult layers in our large coop and run. I don't plan on merging the flock until late June or so. I just want to know others' thoughts on whether or not to keep the Danish Brown Leghorn Rooster. I am squeamish about the idea of eating fertilized eggs, but understand that I probably have many times without me knowing!! :) So the question is....To Keep or Not to Keep my little "Trooper", his name???? Are most roosters aggressive? How do they affect the flock and what are the advantages of having a rooster? I have bird dogs, so free ranging them on our country farm is out of the question. They have a large dog run with a chicken wired roof to freely roam. With the cockerel, there are 6 chickens in the flock. I would appreciate any/all feedback!
Thanks, in advance!!!
If you are new to chickens or have small children, I would not recommend keeping him. IMHO roosters take a little poultry experience. They are kind of a crap shoot, although as you have older ladies, that will help. They will teach him proper chicken society.

Thing is, roosters are either a dream or a nightmare. Personally, I did not get a rooster until year 3. I do free range in some tough country, and a good mature rooster has dramatically reduced my losses. But a rooster is not really worth much until they are nearly a year old.

You don't want fertilized eggs, you don't free range, I think I would let him go.

Mrs K

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