~A Collection of Short Stories~


8 Years
Aug 19, 2011
I've written a short story {about 8 paragraphs} and have started on another. I would like to write a whole books worth. They are all about the same characters at different times in their lives. If I post it here, would anyone read it? The sections I post would be on the short side so I can make it last longer ;-)
Yippee! Anyone else?
Oh, by the way, I would only post one part each day. With school/goats/chickens/crafts I don't have time to do more than that.
Okay, I'll put a section up now {because I'm to impatient to wait any longer to share it with y'all, lol}
By the way, WW, you have already read the first story. It's the one I submitted on the Create A Story thread that fizzled out

Notice: These stories were written by Yours Truly. Please do not copy them or claim them as your own. Much thanks


Ameé Lablanc stared out the tiny apartment window to the
rainy street below. It was a dreary day in Paris, inside as
well as outside.

Ameé turned away from the window and looked around the
small, drafty apartment room. Her eyes rested on her little
brother, Philippe, sleeping peacefully in the trundle bed. As
she watched his slow, even breathing, her thoughts drifted
back to the day, over a month ago, when Papa trudged
through the door of their tidy, little cottage, just outside
of Paris…
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Ameé had noticed how sick Papa looked, but he claimed he had
simply caught a cold. Three days later, he was in bed with
pneumonia. They had no money for a doctor, so Mama tended
Papa the best that she could. Ameé remembered how worried
she was about Papa, of course, but she was especially worried
about Mama, caring for Papa all day and night. Ameé helped
out by helping Mama cook, keeping the house clean, and tending
to Philippe. Then, Mama came down with an awful cough, but
she assured Ameé that it would go away quickly, that it was just
because she was tired. The next day, Mama woke up with a fever.
Ameé did not know how to care for her parents, but she did the
best that she could.
Mama and Papa died within a day of each other, leaving
10 year old Ameé and 3 year old Philippe penniless orphans.
Ameé thought that she could find work, perhaps as a maid,
and take care of Philippe in their little cottage. But the police
said they had to go to the Children's Home because Ameé
could not take care of herself and her little brother. Ameé
knew that if they went to the Children's Home, she and
Philippe would be separated. As much as she hated to
leave their little home, she knew that they must. Leaving,
she decided, was better than being separated. They ran
away the night before they were to go to the Children's
Home. Ameé packed very few things - a set of clothes for
each of them, and a picture of their parents, so Philippe
would not forget them.

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