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Dec 11, 2020
Hello therešŸ‘‹
Though I'm completely new to raising chickens, I'd like to learn and be corrected on a lot of things.
Firstly, I have absolutely no experience in taking care of or raising any bird, the last time I had came to raise an injured baby birdy was last week but it had unfortunately passed away in my own hands so this has left a bit of a scar...
This time I had received 4 COLOURED chicks as a present, I for one am totally against dyeing of baby chicks, and lo and behold I received some as a gift....they have already feathered and about a palms size.
I've been taking care of them for about a week now....one of the chicks has been limping and I've checked to see what's wrong and googled to see what might be wrong, and I've separated her from the others to prevent bullying....today morning she's completely limp on her right leg, this has me worried sick!
I feed them mashed corn, rice(firstly they ate boiled ones but now they eat raw too, I have a feeling it's not good for them so I've stopped feeding them raw rice), tomatoes, crumbled biscuits and bread, oatmeal....(I feed them thrice a day)
They're currently staying in a self made cardboard chicken coop, with newspaper on the bottom, I regularly clean it and provide water round the clock.
I let them run around my house terrace for some time in the morning since there's no open land for them to run around on, I also take the limp little one to get some fresh air once in a while, but I don't know what to do about her limp leg, she poops on herself like this so she's a bit dirty, and I'm not exactly sure how to "bathe" a baby chickšŸ˜…
But I'm glad the other three are healthy and running around, chirping.
Also, I'm not exactly in an environment which would be ideal for raising baby chickens, with no open space for them to run around in.
I wonder if they'll lose their colour once they grow new feathers...?
One thing that suprised me today was the huge crop of the limp little one, maybe an impacted crop?...I'd have to see if she's able to digest her food properly...if her crops back to normal in the morning then I'd be relieved....or else I'd have to get expert help...

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