~~~~~ A Contest for the most Cute, and the most funniest chicken!~~~~~

chickens are great 12

8 Years
Aug 5, 2011
Hey all!
This is a contest for anyones chicks/chickens! Heres an example of what you have to do -

Name- Jazzy
Breed- EE (Easter Egger)
Description- She loves getting the most attention and of course the camera!!
Then the picture would go here

This contest is just for fun, and the winners will be annouced tommorow!! Good luck everyone!!
Also, these are all the catergorys-

Most funny
Most cute
Most silly
Most curious

Have fun!!!
~~~ Chickensaregreat12~~~~~~~
Name- Buffy
Breed- Buff Orpington
Description- She is super curious about everything! She also gets mad when I pick up other chickens, She will run up to them and peck them!
Catagory- Most Curious
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