A coop with a sun roof that opens


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I been working on my coop for a couple of weeks now, it's 8'x8' with a 16' by 8' run.
i made the side walls only 4' tall and 6' in center. so no windows, so i came up with a sky light that flips up for air. also the skylight is facing south which the inside stays lighted all day. the sky light is 24" by 96" and has a handle on the outside to raise and lower.


side with skylight and nest doors


skylight open


lighted by skylight



more to come
Looks good! It's hard to see from the picture, but did you cover the opening with hardware cloth, for security from predators?
Yes I'v had the up for past 3 weeks and it's rained and no water came in yet. when the skylight is open the rain runs off, it only open abour 3" and 6". when closed it over laps the roof by 5".

the hard wire not in yet, but yes i am putting it to cover the opening.
You have done a lovely job. One caveat- you need something to keep predators out when the sun roof is opened- best achieved wiith a shield ( such as 1/2" gauge hardware cloth) inside, which will not affect the ventilation.
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Looks great, and I like the Idea.

I have been considering doing something similar as I am building my coop, but with one little change.

I have thought that if I use a automatic pressure cylinder, (used on greenhouses to open and close the roof vents), That it might work well, provide needed ventalition during the heat of the day, and automatically close at night when the tempuratures drop back down.
No electricity needed, due to they operate by the tempurature, and from what I have found so far, they are adjustable, and can bet set to operate at desired tempuratures.
The ones I have seen so far claim to lift 15lbs per cylinder.

Heres an example of what I am considering...


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