A couple hatching questions...

sunny & the 5 egg layers

8 Years
Mar 29, 2011
What do you do in lockdown? Do you still turn the eggs? Or do you not open the incubator at all?
How long should you keep chicks inside the incubator for? Do you remove them right away and place them into a brooder?
Right after they hatch, I read somewhere that you leave them in there for 8 hours for them to dry. After that you put them in a brooder, at 95 degrees I think.
Thank you.
Would it be any harm to take the chicks out after they dry, or could this effect ones that are still in the process of hatching?
I don't think it would do any harm, but I am a newbie, so I'm not completely sure. If the other eggs are still hatching, they are done growing, so I don't think it would hurt them if you took out the dry ones quickly.
Depending On How Many Are Hatching Once Mine Dry I Take Them Out And Put In The Brooder But If There Are Still Some Hatching You Have To Watch For Shrink Wrap If They Have Pipped External If They Get Shrink Wrapped They Will Die
During lockdown you do not turn the eggs, because the chicks are suppose to start trying to turn themselves.Also in lockdown you boost the humidity up to around 70%. Your not suppose to open the incubator, and some people don't take the chicks out of the incubator until all of the eggs have hatched. Chicks can last over 3 days after they have hatched out of the egg because the yolk provides the chick with food and water(but if you do take them out make sure to provide food and water that does not mean wait 3 days before doing that, it just means they can last that long) , so you can leave them in there for a while if you want to wait till others hatch out. You can take them out of the incubator after they've hatched but if you do make sure they are fully dried off first.

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