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May 25, 2012
Hi everyone. I am a new chicken momma and need some advice! We got 4 chicks the end of March, so I guess they are around 12 weeks old. We lost one last week to a predator :(, so we decided to replace her. We did no research (first big mistake) and decided to buy a hen that is already laying. She is a big buff brahma bantam... so much bigger than the others. I guess I thought they would all magically be friends, but the other 3 are picking fights with her. I started reading about quarantining, and now I need to build another coop to keep them seperate. We fixed her up a place in the garage for now. I feel so bad that she is all alone, and we are wondering if we should go back and get one of her flockmates. Will she still remember her, or will it be what we are going through now with the others? We have only had her since Wednesday. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
well it is too late to quantine. so skip that this time, you have already exposed everyone. but it is probably ok. Introducing a single hen, is not a good idea, but with the size difference, it should help.

What does your run look like? Is there some different levels, some hideouts? A pallet on blocks will add space. and levels. A roost outside is good. A large box, that birds can get into, or behind is good.

I think I would go get one of her flock mates, keep them together 1 day. Then at night put them both in the coop. Fix your run up like I suggested, add an extra water bowl, and feed bowl and close your ears and eyes. There will be some fighting. As long as they do not get bloody, let them work it out. The temptation is to go break it up, and separate them, but that just prolongs it. They have to establish the pecking order, leave them to it.

They should be over the worst in a day or two. The original hens, and the new hens will be two separate flocks within the one flock for some time after that, but eventually they will blend.

Thanks so much! We will get another of her flock mates today. I'm not sure how long chickens' memories are and just hope they remember eachother. I feel so bad that she's all alone!

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