A Couple of Things I Learned This Time Butchering Ducks

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    A couple of things that can be improved:

    I need a larger scalding pot. I'm using a water bath canner. I can fit 2 small ducks in there, but with the larger ducks, they have to be scalded one at a time and we were trying to get 2 into the plucker at the same time and would have liked to scald 2 at the same time. Also, with a larger scalder, it would have been possible to really swish the ducks around to let the water down to the skin.

    Next time, I am putting a rack in the bottom of the tub we were putting the finished ducks into to hold them out of the water. The ones on the bottom appear to have soaked some of the bloody water into the pores of the skin, tinting the ducks red wherever they were touching the water.

    I need to make a lot more ice for the ice water. A lot more.

    What did work well: I was on the gut station and had a bucket for discarded guts and a big pot for giblets. I layered the giblets with ice cubes and even though it was a hot day, the giblets stayed safely cool. I kept an eye on the ice level and added more as needed.
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    I am processing my extra drakes for my very first time and always looking for tips. Love the been there done that, don't do what I did stories!! Thankfully my farrier grew up processing chickens and ducks so I promised him some of the get when he comes over to help me. Also ordering some cornish x to do at the same time and some extra 6 month old cockerals running around being a pain! I have never cooked duck before but looking forward to it!
    ETA: Processing in November [​IMG]
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    Putting a little salt in that water will stop the tinting. At least it does on chickens.

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