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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Jolyn, Apr 26, 2008.

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    I have tried twice to give my three week old chicks a snack. I tried apple sauce and yogurt. They seem afraid of it...[​IMG] If some got splattered on the side of my brooder box they would all try to get it....but they won't go near the bowl. What should i do....i did sprinkle some food on it.

    Also they are about three weeks. The temp in the brooder keeps fluctuating between 88 and 95...95 seems too hot for this age. So today i turned the heat lamp off. It was so warm today that it was at 85. Is it ok to turn the lamp off if the room temp is warm? Do they still need the light?

    Thanks for any info,
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    At 3 weeks of age, your chicks should be able to handle 85 just fine. If the room temp. is what they need for their age, don't use the light. Remember 90 - 95 for their first week, decreasing by 5 degrees each week, until it's down to 70 degrees; at which time they shouldn't need their light.
    For a snack, try cheerios, or if you can catch a cricket, they'll have a blast. Just toss it in. Remember you need to start adding grit when giving them (solid) treats. I only give snacks in very small amounts.
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    Try dipping their beaks in the food. Maybe if they get just a little taste of it they will want more.

    If it's warm enough they don't need the light. The light is just to provide the warmth, right? If it is warm enough where they are located I would turn out the light. Now if it was pitch black in the room then I would give them a light that is not heat.
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    Thanks to you both.

    I tried dipping their beaks....they still wanted nothing to do with it. Hey atleast i didn't have the mess to clean up that i heard they would make. [​IMG]

    I do leave a light on in the room they are in so it's not pitch dark at all. I think they will be fine. I have the air vent closed in that room even so if the rest of the house is cooler.

    Thanks again. I love that i can ask questions here and get great responses so quickly.

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