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    Oct 2, 2013
    1) Is there any reason why my hens would kick out all the hay I use as their bedding to lay there eggs in? I have this rectangle metal cage netting underneath so the eggs will never fall through, but I've had a couple breaks in the eggs over the last month.

    2) There's five nesting boxes for 13 hens, but all 13 would lay their eggs into just one of them so in the afternoon when I collect the eggs there would be about seven eggs in one box and the other four would be empty.

    Thanks and have a wonderful Sunday!

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    May not be what is going on with yours but I've noticed a good few times when I'd add anything "new" to the coop they'd have to explore it somehow... if it was new hay/straw, sometimes they'd come to investigate and start scratching about.

    I also had hens that would only use one box.. not sure why! There were 4 hens and two nesting boxes and they would only use the left one.. sometimes three of the girls would cram themselves into one box at the same time!
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