A Craiglist funny....

Are they joking!?!
Thats hilarious! A minivan! Now I have another excuse to NEVER buy a minivan! If it cant hold 1,243 chickens, then what good is it, anyhow?
It can hold APPROXIMATELY 1,243 chickens????
How is that approximating, exactly?

I don't want to think about the rest. I kinda feel like that guy when I'm driving the kids around. Less feathers, yeah,


The fight in the backseat today was over my 3-year-old touching my oldest in the face with a turkey feather.

Me and Matt, same life, different species.
Wait, there's a "Best of Craiglist"???? See ya'll later....

My favorite recently in the atlanta listing for farm/garden was titled "Free Alarm Clock" Opened to a photo of a fine looking rooster and funny explaination of urban rooster not allowed. Too far away, and I'm not allowed either by family choice.

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