A crowing pullet? Oh no!

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Apr 5, 2013
I think I may have a Rooster, though everyone tells me that she looks like a girl, my Buff Orpington crowed this morning! She is 4 months old with a very red, well grown comb and waddle. I worry she is a he because my BR and RIR barely have a comb and waddle and they are 5 months. Someone also asked today if the BR was a roo because she seemed lighter than a pullet would be. Ahhh, two roos? No!!!! Can anyone help me?

One pullet and one cockerel. Ducks 'waddle' - chickens have wattles. BO given the early comb and wattle development + crowing is most likely a cockerel. Pointy hackle and sickle feathers would guarantee that fact.
I was afraid of this. I'll have to send him back :( However, I've seen a few other pictures of pullets with mature wattles (forgive my misspelling) at this age, and I was told that the tail feathers would be very long and pointed, is this what you are seeing? I'm obviously all too new to this. Such a bummer, it's a very nice chicken.
Here are a couple more photos for anyone that wants to take a guess. These show more tail and hackle feathers.

PLEASE, can atone else chime in on this? We had no crowing yesterday but a few this morning at 8a.m. I've read some hens wil crow, but I'm very afraid she's a he. It's such a nice chicken, and we can't keep it I'd he's a he. If he is a rooster, does anyone want a beautiful 4 month old Buff Orp roo, in the L.A. area?
hackles look male to me plus crowing is a dead give away. I've read only time females will crow is if they are old ? same thing happed to me. I ended up with two crowing roos before I got my four girls.its so sad but I did find them good homes. sometimes 4H kids will take and raise the roos. I can't have roos where I live so as soon as the crowing started I had to give them up. I know how your feeling and what your going through. but if they are crowing then they are a roo. its NOT at all likely you got a crowing pullet. in my opinion and experience if its crowing its a male. mine looked very female too but as soon as it crowed I knew I was wrong. sorry. I would have sworn mine was female until it crowed. none of my pullets Crow. but my males sure did. I wish you the best. I'm sorry I know exactly how you feel. broke my heart when mine crowed. but I knew for sure then it was male. good luck to you!
Thank you, I'm nervous about trying to replace him. If I get another pullet, can I put her in with the others right away?
you will want to introduce her slowly. I've heard if you put her in at night it won't be so bad with the pecking. this might help. best of luck!

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