A DH that didn't want chickens


Jan 28, 2011
Easternshore of Maryland
My DH wasn't to happy about giving in to me getting chickens. I tried to even butter him up saying I got him a rooster, another guy in the family (since he lives in a house full of girls, even all the animals are girls!) He jokingly said he would name it "Krull" and it stuck. Now here is my DH, the one who didn't want chickens at all.

He was in the middle of playing XBOX 360

I understand completely. Our initial "investment" of 2 chickens has now turned into 19 out in the coop, 19 in our indoor brooder, 4 turkeys and 5 more chicks on the way today, 4 rabbits - including our 2 English Angoras that DH is now totally smitten with! He now agrees that the English Angoras are indoor rabbits, and we're looking for a deluxe, nice looking multi-story rabbit cage, for our living room. Plus our 4 shelter dogs.

His "thing" is cars, mine is chickens (and rabbits)!
He still doesn't look very excited LOL, I am also a guy in a house full of girls, Estrogene overload here. Why did you get him a Foo-Foo girly looking rooster ??? is that why he has that not very interested look ??. Perhaps a more Manly rooster is in order, one that you can actually hear crow and doesn't sound like Liza Minnelli hehehehehe. It's kinda like when your wife picks out clothes as a gift for us such as a pink shirt LOL. I will pray for this good guy.

I know he isn't the most manly rooster, but he came free with our order from Ideal. He was a male for warmth chick. My DH likes the fluffy rooster, how he just plows through all the girls! Krull already acting like he's number one. Plus my DH "HATES" having his picture taken.

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