A difficult decision....


11 Years
Oct 24, 2008
As some of you know, my pet silkie hen was eaten by something last november and I was completely heartbroken. now, I don't know if I want more. I really really WANT them, but do I want to go through that again? finding my beloved pet's half eaten, headless body in my yard isn't very fun. silkies are NOT the smartest chickens and the white ones are too much of an easy target for predators. My little roo has wandered off into the bean fields around dusk and has stayed out at night a couple nights. It's a miracle he's still alive.

So, is that just the white ones? Would a darker color lessen their chances of being eaten? Is there anything to do to help them to see better and still show them? we don't have anything set up (and we can't, really) for a separate flock. Or should I just be happy with my other bantams who can fly out of harm's way?
It sounds like if predators are an issue, that they should be in a secure run, rather than free-ranging. Then you would be able to have whatever breeds you want without as much concern about them being taken.
There's always keeping them as house chickens...

I wouldn't, personally. But if you want a pet and don't want things to eat it, it has to be somewhere where the things that would eat it can't get to it, and there's little that's safer than a house.
Don't punish yourself! Get another since you enjoyed your little silky so much. Just keep her in a safe enclosure and lock her up at nite in the coop. I let mine out to free range only when I can be out there with them:) I've lost 2 to predators and I learned the hard way to keep them safe:(
Life is very, very short. You love chickens. Get more chickens. Keep them safely enclosed and love, love, love your new birds.
Look for breeds/colors/patterns that seem to disguise the chicken to predators (the barred pattern helps hide its wearer). I do think that a coop proofed for predators is the only true way to live without fear!

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