a dumped cat... now what?


11 Years
Jul 31, 2008
In November we had a cat dumped... I really dont understand how someone can do that right before the cold weather hits

I called animal control to place a "found cat" ad...some response but no takers

since then it has become ever so apparent WHY he was dumped.

I first put the cat in my brooder in my basement because I didnt know if he was sick... had anything... or was rabid. It became apparent he was a family cat because he is sooooo lovable.. he talks to you comes when called... hes a dream... BUT my basement now smells like a litter box

hes not peeing... he is spraying...

We took him to the vet in January when he was still here and no forever home, at this time we were aware of his litter issues (or what we thought was litter issues) vet ran all kinds of tests...found nothing wrong tried different litters to see if that was the cause .. nope... then this past month we had him at the vet again and this time we brought a bag that he "peed on".. as soon as the vet smelled it he told us its not pee.. its spray. hopes of rehab just went through the floor!.. thank goodness the basement floor was sealed and has not caused any real damage. we have tried meds in case this was an anxiety thing no luck... vet says only hope of keeping him would be to increase meds but it will make him groggy and not really a cat... OR to turn him into an outside cat. Vet knows we are rural and said he would never suggest this for a city cat.

vet seems to think smokey is about 4 years old... theory is he was neutered later in life and spraying before he was neutered and now that he is used to doing this it may never stop... but it may when he is older and has nothing to prove.

he said smokey will be able to come in and visit.. but when we are not able to watch him he goes right back outside. (I can live with that) he said when we are calling for severe weather bring him inside in a crate (I can live with that).. we will have to build him an out door cat house because law says animals outdoor animals need shelter and access to food..

So does anyone have any suggestions for an out door shelter? and how will I keep the raccoons and possums out of the cat food?

I was thinking a cat house like this.. it can sit on my front porch and be almost totally sheltered from rain and snow except from blowing.. in the winter I can get one of those pet heating pads and put it in for him to keep warm... for the food I have no clue i was thinking put it out in the morning and bring it in before it gets dark... he will be ok over night without food..
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Ugh... you are in a pickle!
I would try to find him one of those heated cat houses for the winter time...

Or... do you have a little shed? You could just use that and heat it for him...
CL has little dog houses for free or real cheap all the time....
Good luck!

ETA: Yeah..your food and water idea also sounds like a good plan..... i think he'll be fine!
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Ugh, we brought home an adult stray once. Similar thing. He was soo sweet and purry, but he sprayed EVERYWHERE. He didn't even try to bury his poop on the rare occasion he used his box like most cats. We tried everything we could think of or that was suggested. Scrubbing his box twice a day, plastic mats, cat house outside, retraining in a small room, treats every time we saw him in the box..etc, etc. Nothing had any impact. He had no signs of bladder issues or other health problems that our vet could find. He had a broken jaw so possibly was not right neurologically, but since he would hump our poor other cat (who is OCD about her litter box, and got so stressed out and started being aggressive towards all cats where as before she got along great), so he was probably a late neuter too. He had other issues as well, and paced and howled the ENTIRE day and night, even in an outside cat enclosure. He would redirect any anger by lashing out at whatever was nearest to him. I won't go over the hoops multiple people jumped through for this cat, but a complication was that he was stone deaf. We lived on a busy street, so outside only was not an option for us, and he wouldn't settle for a cat house. He ended up going to a home for older cats. I definitely don't hold it against owners for putting down a cat for consistently spraying everywhere, if they have tried everything. That sounds horrible to some people, but I've seen how such cats incite abusive behavior, which is much, much worse to me, and know just how absolutely disgusting it is to have everything soaked in urine. In most cases though, cats won't be as neurotic as this guy was, and will settle down in an outside or easy to clean inside enclosure. I sure hope one of the two will work out for you!!
When we moved, we found urine in places that should not have been possible. My boy's pride and joy speaker system was ruined and had urine dripping off the bottom of it. It was an inch off the ground. Just how...? It was even on the tops of wall mounted cupboards with just a few inches to go under the ceiling. Only animal we've ever rehomed. So basically, I really, really am sorry you are dealing with a situation that often has no easy answers. If he doesn't howl, a large, inside enclosure may help you solve heating issues more easily. Good luck!
My outside cats get fed 2x per day. Just what they can eat. I don't care about the raccoons and possums, but don't want the chickens gorging on catfood.

Sorry you are dealing with this. It is a really hard one, cat pee completely ruins things and no amount of cleaning will touch it. We currently have a female cat we got at a rescue. Also, adorable, sweet, full of major personality. The only problem she will pee on anything left on the floor. Throw rugs are gone in my house and don't even leave a towel down. We even clean the box twice a day. And get this....she pees in the Labradors food bowl!!!
(no food in it) Straddles it and pees into it without spilling a drop. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it. She can stay a house cat as long as she NEVER pees on the carpet. We don't have but a couple rooms with it but it would be ruined. I think you have really gone the extra mile for this kitty and there are WAY worse things than being an outdoor cat with his own little house. If you get an insulated house and the wind can't get in he should be fine. I have seen some made specially for cats and they are made so the wind can't come in. Good luck and thanks for taking a kitty that most people wouldn't be able to help!
this cat.. he peed in a salsa jar...

i had a few jars lying around for crafts.. little short 4" jars... yeah well this one was pushed under the table nice and secluded...it was 1/2 full of pee and no sign of spillage on the outside..
If worried about him being outside, I have seen some people make a big "Cat room" with a chainlink dog kennel. Put a nice big dog house in there for him, and a roof of course. It would be better than him being inside and spraying, and better than being loose outside if he doesn't have outside cat skills.

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