A few duck questions...


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Mar 2, 2009
Upstate NY
Ok, I am currently in the middle of my first chicken hatching. I was wondering about ducks though. How much different is it to hatch ducks than it is to hatch chicks? Can they be hatched together? I was thinking of trying some once my incubator is empty.

Also, how much do duck eggs usually cost? I can get purebred seramas for $30 a dozen. I know it depends ont he breed ect, but I just thought I'd ask.


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Sep 15, 2008
Big Sur, CA
Ok so ducks take longer to hatch than chickens about 26-30+ days dependent on breed. They require a bit more humidity (50-55%) 1st part, (70-80%) hatching, but I've heard you can split the difference and do ok.
If I were going to do them at the same time, which I will be trying very soon, I'd have a separate hatcher so you could deal with each hatch correctly.
If you just want to do an only duck hatch then it shouldn't be too hard if you can hatch a chick!

Oh ya and pick an easy to hatch breed, like Khaki Campbels or Pekins...
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