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Discussion in 'Quail' started by Fraoch21, Jun 25, 2011.

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    hey all, i have 6 4 week old coturnix quail at the moment (5 brown,1 golden) in an approximatly 10x5 foot run and 3x3 foot house. so i have a few Qs. [​IMG]
    1) how many birds could i fit in that space?

    2) i would like to get some different colours, would i have to seperate the quail to get pure colours? in other words would the quail all breed with each other or should i put them in different hutches at this time?

    3) Can a flock of coturnix and a flock of californian live together in that space? (with the right male:female ratio)

    4) here the weather gets pretty rough in the winter, heavy snow and temperatures normally stay below freezing, could the quail still live outside in the insulated house and i could let them out every now and again or would i have to house them inside a shed?

    5) Is it true that if you breed a golden with a brown you will gte mostly golden with some brown chicks but if you breed 2 goldens then they are sterile?

    thanks for any answers, sorry for the amount of Qs [​IMG]
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    I'll try to help with your questions...

    1) You need about 1-2 sq ft of living space per quail.
    2) All colors of Coturnix can interbreed, so it's up to you if you want them pure or not.
    3) I'm pretty sure Coturnix and Californian can interbreed also, so you would need to separate them if you want them purebred.
    4) Not sure about the cold since I don't have to deal with it. [​IMG]
    5) You can breed goldens to each other. I've never heard of a sterility problem and all of mine have been ok. Not to say it doesn't exist, but I haven't had problems yet. I do believe golden is suppose to be dominant to brown.
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    thank you [​IMG] for
    1) the run is on the ground with thick long grass a tree and some dead branches with soft plastic mesh over the top(about 4 foot high), house has hay bedding, only recently built had 2 chickens in it before and only for a month

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