a few question about our cochin

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  1. hazelhen

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    Jan 22, 2009
    We have had two previous cochins that had some eggs then went broody, howerver our current cochin has had more than three dozen eggs and has not stopped yet. Is this normal, how many can she have before taking a break?

    She has a habbit of attacking my legs and shoes, I will just be standing still and she will lunge and bite me. Is she putting me in my place? She doesn't attack my husband. Any sugestion as to why or how to fix it?

    Lastly, we protect our purple martins from sparrows but shooting the sparrows, if we dont get to it first she will pick it up and start to eat it. (Nasty - once she ate the head and planned to eat the rest if we hadn't taken it away) will it harm her if she does this and why would she?

  2. debilorrah

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    [​IMG] I think your cochin is just not ready to be broody yet..... AS for the attacker, have you tried getting ahold of her and petting her and talking softly to her? I have a chicken named Hannibal that just hates my feet, period, but when I hold her she is fine. The third item I do not have an answer for you....

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