A few questions about Brinsea Mini Advanced. Please help!

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Sep 17, 2014
Hi guys!

I just purchased a Brinsea Mini Advanced with Auto Turner for my little 7 year old nephew. He loves chickens and wants to see some hatch.

I set the incubator up today and put in 5 small bantam eggs.

The instructions are pretty clear but there are a few matters that I would like a little clarification on. If anyone could provide some feedback, I would greatly appreciate it.

Reminder that these are small bantam eggs.

1. The factory default setting is that it turns the eggs in 45 minute intervals. I let it set at 45 minutes. I did see in some YouTube videos of people setting them to turn ever hour.

- What are your guy's recommendations on this? Should I leave it at 45 or change it to 60?

2. These are small bantam eggs so I set the turn angle to 8. Is this correct for a small bantam egg? I tried to follow the guidelines in the manual regarding size and I think this is correct.

3. For the moment I have left the cool down feature set to OFF. I know Brinsea recommends it be turned on around day 7 - 18.

- Do you recommend that I use the cool down feature or no?

- If you do recommend that I use it, for how long should I set the cool down? People on YouTube tend to set it at 1 hour.

4. On average how often should I add water to the reservoir with this incubator?

Anyone's help is greatly appreciated but I am most eager to hear back from people with experience using this incubator.

I am going to give my personal experience. I might not be right though. I have the same brinsea model you have. I just hatched 5 of 5 chicks two days ago. I set the cool down once a day for an hour. Also I could barely add water to the reservoir or it would spike the humidity. I bought a humidity sensor to put inside. Most of the time I had no water in there and the humidity would stay at 35-38%. At lockdown I filled both reservoirs up and put down some paper towels ans took out the plate. Humidity stayed at 85% at lockdown. My chicks hatched at 19 days. Started at 3pm until midnight. They are doing good right now. We have a 2 wk old duck that plats and sleeps with them. The duck showed them how to eat and drink. Good luck and I hope this helped.

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