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Hi All,
Okay, so my first ever chickens are due this week, so tonight I set my home made brooder up for a test drive. I bought a 250 watt red heat bulb and was worried after reading some here that it might be too hot, so figured I should try it out while I still have time to get a new one if needed. I am using one of those large deep rubbermaid containers. The lamp is at one end of the container facing downwards. It has been running for 3 hours. Directly under the lamp the thermometer has it at 95.1. At the other far end, temperature reads 76. So I am guessing the area in between is varying degrees. Is this a sufficient temperature range for each chick to find a comfort zone? I know you can tell by their behavior but I am nervous for them since they are shipping and want things as perfect as possible from the get go.

My other question was I have no lid, but I am getting silkies and read they cannot fly, so they should not be able to get out or can they fly a little? They will be in a closed room, so safe from other pets.

My final question was about marbles for the water. I could not find any but I got those decorative glass rock things for crafts that look like marbles but are flat bottomed. Will this be ok? They do not roll and I was wondering if that was the purpose of the marbles? (I know probably a stupid question.) I did buy a chick waterer, so are the marbles even needed?

Thanks so much for info. I probably sound neurotic but now that they are coming in a few days I am so excited and nervous!
Yes, you want varying degrees for them so they can kind of self regulate their body temps by moving in and out of the heat themselves. You should not need a lid at all. And, the rocks will be fine. Their purpose is to keep the chicks from drowning in the waterer. The first week a chick will fall asleep standing, drinking, walking...they're like little narcoleptics
The rocks will keep the water from being deep enough they could drown.

No dumb questions
All very valid! I hope you have a great time with your new chicks!!
Listen to Cindiloohoo--

Temperature is great!!

No lid is ok as well!

Your rocks are great!!

All in all, your doing Great!!
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