A few questions about nest boxes, broken beak, broodiness, and egg laying

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    I have 7 hens that are 9 weeks old. 6 Buff Orpingtons and 1 Barred Plymouth Rock. We were supposed to have 9 hens, but 2 ended up being roosters!

    So question #1: One of the Buffs broke the tip of her upper beak off. It was dangling there, and then my boyfriend was going to trim it off, and it broke off by itself when she pulled back from the clippers. Then, a few hours later, the tip had a scab over it! She can still eat and drink perfectly normal! I've hand-fed her, and watched her get drinks. Should I do anything to it, or leave it alone?

    Second question: If I have a broody hen, can I put food/water in or right outside the nest box so she doesn't starve herself?

    Third question: I don't want anymore chickens this year. How can I stop my roosters from fertilizing eggs?

    4: How can I get them to go into the cooo if I need them to all go inside for some reason, like fixing the run, the neighbors loose dog outside the run, etc?

    Thank you! If you can answer even one of my questions, I would appreciate it!
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    1 just leave the beak be.

    2 a broody hen is not going to stave herself, she will get off the nest to get food

    3 you can't stop a rooster from mating. Just don't incubate the eggs or let a broody hen set

    4 just Chase as many in as you can, then close the chicken door, and catch the rest
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    1) If she can still eat and drink normally, don't worry about it. It might grow back.

    2) Don't worry about the broody not feeding herself. She will get off the nest when she needs to stretch, eat and drink. If you put food and water right next to her most likely she won't touch it, and the others will, which will disturb her more than not eating would.

    3) You can't stop them from fertilizing the eggs. Just pick the eggs up regularly ...once or twice a day..if you don't want chicks..and make sure you find them all; sometimes broodies will hide their nests.

    4) they will learn to come when called and you can teach them this by bringing treats and always associating treat time with a particular call. Treats can be small bread crumbs, poultry treats, sunflower seeds, raisins, chopped fruit or berries, raisins, mealworms, there's all kinds of stuff you can use for treats, if you are out of ideas for treats just research on here to see what is good and what is not.

    Welcome to BYC and good luck with your flock.
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