A few questions on moving hens.


11 Years
Jul 29, 2008
Eastern, Kentucky
I have been seperating my pens by colors. I have a few questions I placed my gray hen who recently hatched eggs in with my gray roo. She is very protesting of him doing his "do" with her. She runs and screams when he does his dance and tries to do his "do" with. Will she be ok? Also another question I placed one of my black hens with my frizzle this is a young roo never been with a hen and he WONT QUIT doing his "do" with her I'm afraid he is gonna hurt her. Plus I am worried about the hen in the other cage who is picking through the cage and picking at her. Also I wanna know since I moved them how long will it take before they go back to normal laying again? Before I moved them they were laying good so I just wondered when they would go back to laying??


11 Years
Jul 30, 2008
The one hen is protesting because she is still in the broody state and they don't want a thing to do with roosters in that state of mind. I have one hen that beats the living tar out of the rooster if he gets to close when she comes off the nest or has chicks with her.

If you only have one hen in with one roo the constant mating with the one hen is to be expected, you cannot stop it. I suggest you go to at least a three hen to one roo ratio.

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