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    Hi everyone, I've been reading this forum for hours the past few days. I'm really excited now about getting some chickens from reading all of your stories! I want to get 3 or 4 chicks but I want to get the coop finished before I bring them home. So just a few questions while I draw up some plans:

    When it comes to the run, does the floor need to be open to the ground? I wanted to have them raised a bit off the ground to prevent flooding during monsoons (I live in Phoenix, AZ). Would it be ok to have a wooden base on the run with sand on top of it?

    In the winter, our lowest temperature is around 40 degrees. Would they require a lamp then or would they be okay without one? (I'm mean once they're big enough to be outside)

    These might be dumb questions and I know I had a ton more but now my minds blank...I'll probably have more once I start building and for sure once I get chickens lol

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Instead of putting a wood floor in the run, just pile sand deep enough to raise it above grade.

    Run a wide board on edge around it to keep it from getting out
    Less expense and easier to clean

    You wont need a heat source for the birds once they are fully feathered.
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    You will need to be concerned about ventilation and shade in Phoenix; they will certainly not need any heat after a few weeks, and maybe not even then, depending what time of year you get them.
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    [​IMG] You have now entered the Zone of no Escape, you will Love it!!!! and learn so much, always remember there are no DUMB questions, we all help each other, and just hang out and talk.

    Too funny, want to Build a coop "BEFORE"...you get chickens...[​IMG] [​IMG] think most of us did it the other way around!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] See you around!!!!

    Cant wait until you put pictures up!!!!
    Always remember Ventilation, chickens breath fast even at resting something like 320 times per minute...Besides you will want it when u have to clean...and always cool fresh drinking water, not to mention if you live where it rains alot...when the run is wet it will stink bad...so DE or Stall Dry helps....

    good luck!!!
  6. thinkingplease

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    Thanks for the help guys! I've got most of it figured out on paper now, I think. I should clarify that I've never in my life built anything like this, and without someone else's blueprints but I think it'll be fun.

    haha I know, I normally jump into projects headfirst without planning. I really had fight the urge to keep from buying 20 chicks when I saw them lol

    I want to build the run on a platform and I have tons of free wood I found online, I'm more just wondering if it will be okay for the chickens. I'll put sand over it but will it hurt their feet if they dig down and scratch the wood? It rarely rains here, but when monsoon season hits my backyard mostly floods.
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    Since Phoenix is sooooo hot be sure you chose the right breed of chickens to be able to handle it as chickens do poorly and even die in hot temperatures. My hubby lived there a few years and said its even too hot in the shade in summer! Its a very dry climate so perhaps you could set up a mister system for the summer to help them cool off. Something else to think about!

    Oh and I don't have my chickens yet either --took the summer to research all about it! Good for you! [​IMG]

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