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Apr 14, 2014
Blanchard, Oklahoma
Hello, I am fairly new to chickens and I am very excited to start taking care of some! I love them!

My grandfather and I are going to build a medium size chicken coop and run in the next weeks.
We want to buy 5 chickens. One rooster and 4 hens (although i know sexing isn't always accurate)
The breeds we want are easter eggers and orpingtons.
My questions are:
Do you know if these breeds get along well?
Do you think the rooster should be an orpington or an easter egger?
Thank you!
I've had good experiences with both breeds. They're actually two of my favorites. They'll do fine together. I've never had any real aggression issues with either breed as far as roosters go, but every bird is different. So it probably comes down to your personal taste, and what you're looking for in a rooster. If you want a big, round, "fluffy" roo, go with the Orp. If you want an eye catching, colorful guy, go with an EE. Either way, they're both good breeds. Hope I helped!

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