A few rabbit questions..

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  1. 1. Do rabbits get ticks?
    2. My buck right now is playing 'lovey-dovey' with Angel, they are talking through the cage, and running around together at the side of the cage. (FYI: Buck escaped, so he is running free) Will he breed her?
    3. Should i just put him in with her for a few minutes and let him fulfill his duty?
    4. When a rabbit is pregnant, will the buck breed her again? Bc i was just thinking if i were to put him in with her, then she would get bred, and if it all goes well, she will get pregnant. and I could just not have to worry about buck until she kindles..

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    Yes rabbits can get ticks, especially free range ones like your buck. I've heard of people using advantage for cats on them. The buck is not likely to be able to successfully breed through the cage, but hey anything is possible. As for whether or not you should have baby bunnies it's really up to you. If you have homes or a purpose for them go for it otherwise NO! There are lots of unwanted rabbits out there already.
    As for #4 question yes she would likely get pregnant but you'd still have to be concerned about the buck. He may try to mate with her still and rabbits can get crabby! I had a doe partially castrate a buck because she wasn't in the mood and I couldn't get him out of the pen fast enough.
  3. We do have the homes and purpose for them, actually, we breed them. So we have the facilities. (We are really new to it though)
    You see though, i think Buck would be good and not have to feel the full wrath of Angel, she is super sweet, and those two LOVE each other. Other bunnies are also day- ranging, but he doesn't care. :/
    He just kinda sticks around her, and doesn't even notice others are out. :)
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    Some types of fleas only feed on one type of animal, but ticks aren't so picky. Any warm-blooded animal works for them, and some cold-blooded, as well. So yes, a free-ranging rabbit can get ticks; some types of internal parasites, as well.

    Rabbits can breed through wire. I've never seen them do it, but I have had the occasional litter from a doe that I know I hadn't put with a buck, so I know it can happen (if rarely). If you want a litter, put them together, and mark the date on your calendar. You shouldn't put a buck in a doe's cage. Does are often very territorial, and if you put a buck into a doe's territory, she will probably fight him. If he doesn't have a cage of his own, a cage that belongs to neither of them will probably serve for the few minutes they are together.

    Bucks can be real nuisances when they cohabit with does. I, too, have seen gruesome injuries to bucks from cranky does. That said, I have also had bucks and does together for extended periods. If I have does that I am having trouble getting bred, I may put 2 or 3 does and a buck together in a large cage. Having more than one doe in there helps to spread the buck's attention around, so one doe doesn't get hassled enough to "boil over." I do keep an eye on things, so that if problems arise, I can remove the trouble maker (not all does will get along!) Of course, I never know when the does are due in one of these colony groups, so I have to watch the does for signs that there is a litter on its way. I have to admit, I have missed a few (bad Bunnylady!). I usually remove a doe that I think is in the later stages of pregnancy, so she can settle in to her own cage before her litter is born. The buck should be removed before the last doe kindles, otherwise, he will most likely rebreed her immediately after the kits are born. In fact, he may be such a pest while the kits are being born, the kits may get trampled and strewn all around the cage. Not the sort of situation anyone would want to create!
  7. I caught the buck yesterday and he had three ticks on his ears!!![​IMG]
    Should i catch the buck and cage him so he doesn't breed her again until i want him to?
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