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  1. Kiwi Amy

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    Jan 4, 2015
    So a few months ago we were given two hens and a chicken tractor. We loved the idea of having hens but we really didn't know what we were getting into. We've been around backyard chooks before, but only in rural NZ - in the country yeah, they're really quiet. In town? Not so much!

    Within a day or two it became clear that noise would be the issue. One of them CROWED LIKE A ROOSTER every morning. We were mortified. And sometimes they escaped from their tractor if we weren't careful enough when we changed their water etc. chasing them didn't work, they hated us (presumably because we kept chasing them) and they even kept escaping the makeshift run we made them to make them less escapey.

    Fast-forward three months and it's such a different picture. We admitted defeat with our run - it would really only contain an unmotivated chicken - and they get let out every day after work and after lunch in the weekends to forage in the backyard. We blocked off the bits of the boundary that might be easier for them to accidentally get through, and there have been no problems. The girls are excited to get out of their tractor every day, but they're just as excited to go back to bed at dusk. They're happy to see us whenever we go out there and basically mob us for attention. Three months ago they didn't trust us and we didn't trust them - now we're tremendously fond of each other. They don't even crow anymore (thank god, it was REALLY embarrassing!).

    Even the cats have accepted them, although some of that might be related to the treats the chooks get! This is a photo of Mr Bingley (on the tractor) hanging with his girls. He's fascinated by them and loves to be near them, and he's a bit hurt that they spend most of their time ignoring hom. Awwww...

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    Nov 7, 2012
    Thanks for sharing your story!
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    Love the photo with Mr. Bingley the guard cat. I'm glad you and the chickens have come to trust each other. The chicken treats always help, too.
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    Absolutely love the pic!!! My cat likes to hang with my birds too. It's funny! He never acts like he wants to harm them, just be near them.
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    Cute pic! Love how things worked out for you. [​IMG] It just took a bit of getting used to each other is all. Enjoy!

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