A Frame coop and run


5 Years
Mar 15, 2015
We finally got our run done this weekend! We made an A Frame coop (this is our first time with chickens and I didn't know how it would go so I went with the cheapest easiest construction I could.... figuring we could always upgrade later if it worked out). Lots of the materials I got from a friend from his shop so the coop cost us less than $200 to construct. The run was another $50-$60 because most of the fencing was left at the house we live in from the previous people. I hadn't thought out the run situation when we started this journey but the more I thought about it... I didn't want them to eat up my whole garden and I wanted them to have space to run and be safe... so the run came about. I am pretty excited at how it all came out.

Here is a shot of the whole yard.


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