A fun hatching story! (aka: what the duck?!)


Apr 1, 2016
Tucson, AZ
So, I've been fueling my hatching addiction with roadside eggs since my wife has been fueling her egg selling addiction with ours. They have been coming from a trusted source and recently (21 days or so ago) I had them put together an assortment of leghorns, easter eggers, and barnyard mixes. Well, that's what I thought at least!

Everyone began pipping and zipping this last Sunday and the last holdouts didn't do their thing until Tuesday, and that's when my wife looked in the hatcher and said "what the heck is that?".

I looked in and said "*** is that?".

"You mean 'what the duck?'"

"No, I mean what is that chicken?!"

"That's not a chicken."

I looked in closer and sure enough, a duck!

And so begins the next adventure with our unexpected duck, appropriately named "What The Duck".

Sorry for the crappy cellphone picture, I need a new one. But there is the new one, WTD!

That is a fun hatching story! Cute little duck ... are you keeping her/him?
That is the cutest thing, I've seen ducklings brooded by a hen and raised with her chicks. They didn't seem to notice a difference. But your chicks NOTICED there is a strange presence in their midst. So funny! That photo belongs in a contest for sure.
OMG, that's equal parts hilarious and absolutely adorable! Even the chicks look like, "What the duck?!" Ha! Congrats!!!
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