A good broody duck?

umm my mallard hens go broody...
Hi rainplace, I know you saw my post about the moscovys, but I wanted to tell you that I have two buff or saxony colored hens that I bought one year apart from TSC, but I think they get theirs from Privett Hatchery. Anyway, my oldest one is setting for the third time this year (however I don't think any are going to hatch, I'm pretty sure it has been over 28 days) and the younger one is barely even old enough to lay and she stared setting a little over a week ago, so you may want to try some of them, Privett Hatchery calls them Buffs, but I don't think they really are, they're more saxony colored .
My White Call was and excellent broody she hatched 7 out of eight eggs she was sitting on about 5 weeks ago.

I had heard calls weren't good broody's but she sat steady and would attack anything that came near her nest (even Me!)
Excellent mother too!

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