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    In September, I got my three duck babies. In the time since I got them, one of my friends has gotten really attached. He hasn't ever had a pet before, but his dad is considering letting have a duck (he's met mine, he knows how messy they are.) I'd like to help him get one, but I was wondering what would be good breeds. He probably will just get one duck. Maybe two. I have a runner, a Swedish, and a crested, and he seems to like my runner best, but I've heard runners are supposed to be skittish, and mines not. I was considering breeding mine, so in the spring, I might get a drake, and then give him one of the ducklings. (Gender doesn't really matter to him, he doesn't like duck eggs, so he'd just sell any he got.)
    Also, on the topic of breeding ducks, there is a duck populated canal behind our house, and it has a wonderful little bachelor gang who loves to waltz into yards and stir up trouble. :p How hard should I try to keep them away from my hens? I know diseases might be an issue, and if anyone has information on what diseases my ducks could get from wild mallards, I'd like to know, but I'm also curious, how bad would it be if a mallard bred with one of my hens? (Or all of them ;) )

    Thank you!

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    Bigger ducks tend to be calmer. but people have had good experiences raising single house ducks that are supposed to be really skittish (like khaki campbells). My Kc's are pretty friendly to me, but not to anyone else. And they dont like being picked up. But I have few saxony that are more tame, and one I spend a lot of time with, she is very tame, and does not mind being picked up, petted, hugged, ect (but only by me. They dont trust people they dont know very well. Or maybe they just dont trust people that dont bring them food every day[​IMG][​IMG]).

    Is he gonna keep it outside? If the duck is not gonna be with him or someone else all the time, he probably should get two. Ducks are very social (like most birds lol).
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  3. I agree two would be the best so the Ducks have a Pal.....Very social and enjoy other Ducks company....Any Breed of Duck can be a great pet.....It just takes time to get them really tame.....My Welsh Drake is imprinted on me, although I never pick him up or even touch him....He follows me around and comes running and flapping when I quack for him.....He hangs out at the Back door with the other 5 Ducks and waits for me......


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