Bills vs Beaks Ducks

By Bills vs Beaks · Mar 23, 2018 · ·
  1. Bills vs Beaks
    my favourite duck of all. I call her my sweetheart :love
    shes the tamest, doesnt mid me cuddling her for AGES ( :p), and she lays HUGE eggs :D
    Gertrude- Saxony
    Heidi's sister. sometimes I call her my lil squeaker coz when I pick her up she squeaks :gig

    Beatrice-Silver Appleyard
    Betty for short
    Margaret-Silver Appleyard
    Betty's sister. shes a little darker coloured than Betty, thats how I tell them apart :p

    Blondie- Khaki Campbell
    Blondie is the lightest of the khakis, hence, the name :p shes also the tamest of them.

    There are three other khakis as well that Im not really able to tell apart :p
    finally, group picture :D

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  1. MagpieDucks
    This needs updating.
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    1. TheKindaFarmGal
  2. Abriana
    Soooooo adorable!
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    2. Abriana
      Mmm hmmm hey Sam, I dunno if I told u this before, but I’m getting dux soon!
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    3. Bills vs Beaks
      mmmmmmm. I think I possibly might seem to maybe remember something like that..........................
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    4. Abriana
      Yeah I dunno. I feel like I might perhaps maybe possibly remember telling u...
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  3. Jetblack2004
    Such beautiful ducks! And those are really good pictures :D
    1. Bills vs Beaks
  4. CCUK
  5. TheKindaFarmGal
    Awwww :love

    Heidi and Margaret are the best. :D
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    2. Bills vs Beaks
      O_O how did you do that???
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    3. TheKindaFarmGal
      *has widdle head patted*

      You grew that so fast, Tov!!
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    4. Bills vs Beaks
      ik! *rubs shaved chin* hafta be "clean shaven" for work :|
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  6. Hybridchucks
  7. Bills vs Beaks
  8. Bills vs Beaks
    More pictures will be edited in soon! :p

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