a goose with a broke toe


5 Years
Apr 13, 2014
Can anyone tell me what I can do with a goose with a broke toe? It is the second joint on the middle toe. I put popsicle sticks wrapped in guaze on the top of the foot and the bottom of the foot and wrapped the whole foot and up the leg with vet wrap. She still is limping but it is not as bad as when i didn't have anything on it at all. Can anyone tell me should I immobilize her and can I give her something for pain?
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I know this is a old tread. But One of my whites went down about 2 weeks ago. Kept thinking it was just a breeding injury. Took her out and gave her mufti places to recover. lots of deep pond time She has spent time in everyone pen in a pended corner. Just waiting for her to walk again. Have been giving her special pond time. Only to find out today she has a broken foot. Im not sure how to describe it but I pulled a picture from the web and put a pink spot under it.
She is a sweet goose lets me carry her anywhere but not willing to walk and its definitely painful.


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